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Go 2 Emergency Room 4 Prescription Refill?

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4:54 pm
January 25, 2007


New Member

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Go 2 Emergency Room 4 Prescription Refill?

I flat out don’t have the money to see a doctor for a refill of my Effexor SR and Wellbutrin XL but just feel too unsafe standing in line for 7 hours at Stroger/Cook Country Hospital with the people there to get into rehab and are going through withdrawal and actually get violent!!

I just heard a rumor on Yahoo! 360 that you can go to an emergency room to get refills if you don’t have another choice… Is that true?

I’m TRYING to find a doctor that will see me but they all seem to charge such exorbitant prices that I just don’t know what to do and still be safe…

I have 2 weeks of med’s left so I’m not panicking yet but I would GREATLY appreciate a response if you have ANY information!


5:00 pm
January 25, 2007


st regis falls, ny


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Where did you get your original prescription?

many will call in refills if you schedule and appointment – most won't see you right away anyway, cuz they are booked.

Call a clinic – see if you can make an appointment but tell them you need refills sooner than the appointment. You may need to show them existing, current bottles of the prescription, and they may only give you enough for two weeks or so.

Also, many doctors can give you samples to get you thru.

Again, call the original prescribing doc.

As for going to emergency room – it would cost you a copay if you have insurance, and if not, could cost you alot otherwise. A doctor visit would be cheaper. And I don't know if an emergency room would see you given the situation.

5:09 pm
January 25, 2007


New Member

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My prescribing doctor can't see me any more so I got a refill through Stroger/Cook County and they only do 1 month at a time and you need to go and stand in line for 7+ hours with Crack Heads, Speed Freaks, and Heroin Addicts looking for treatment to get it.

I 100% give them props for attempting to get treatment but I just didn't feel safe and after the second person got violent I just can't bring myself to go back there!

I can’t afford to pay $300.00 out of pocket to get an appointment with any of the doctors I have been able to contact AND pay the approximately $300.00 a month JUST FOR THE PILLS so that is why I need to know if I can go in to an emergency room to get a refill…

I greatly appreciate the response but… um… If I had other options I wouldn’t be asking about this…

PLEASE… Does ANYONE know if I can go and get a refill WITHOUT having to use the money I need to get the pills or go back to Cook County???


5:13 pm
January 25, 2007


st regis falls, ny


posts 14

as I said, I don't think the ER would even see you given the situation.

now, if you were suicidal – they could admit you for 72 hours…but would they give you a prescription? probably not…they may refer you to the clinic for follow up care.

I wish I had a better answer for you…but I know that ER's are for emergencies and if it isn't an emergency, chances are, they could turn you away.

the bottom line is – try it…that's the only way you will know.

5:53 pm
January 25, 2007


New Member

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The other day I saw something on television about a financial assistance programs from a drug company for those who cannot afford meds. They claim they have helped millions. I think it was on the ABC six o'clock news advertisements.

I just plugged in Prescription Medicine Financial Assistance to do a search, and a lot of things popped up. I suppose some of them are legitimate, might be worth a search, or call your local County Health offices. Who knows, you might qualify for something.

I am no expert on this, but, if I see this ad on TV, I will be happy to post the telephone number.

6:05 pm
January 25, 2007


New Member

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It's doubtful that they would renew your prescription in the ER. When I was young and had strep throat in addition to the flu, I was so sick that my mom got worried and took me to the ER since it was a Sunday and couldn't see a regular doctor. The only thing they did was take a throat culture and give me some cough syrup. They wouldn't even give me antibiotics! It was a waste of time and energy. And as long as the wait is in the ER, you might as well go to the County hospital. Besides, they wouldn't 'give' you the pills anyway. It's always more expensive to go to the ER. Plus, they probably would turn you away since you aren't an emergency.

7:16 pm
January 25, 2007


New Member

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I used to work in ER and we would not write prescription refills unless it was a life or death situation. Go back to where you got them or try a community mental health facility which can also help you apply for medicaid if you qualify for it.

10:37 pm
January 25, 2007


New Member

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OK, right now I can PAY TO PURCHASE the pills but I can’t do both – I either PAY TO SEE A DOCTOR or PAY TO PURCHASE THE PILLS.

And despite the name “Emergency Room” most patience seen on the average day are by people that can’t afford to go see a normal, G.P. Type doctor that could take care of their problems in office.

The problem with 90% of the “Drug Companie’s will pay for your prescription” programs is that you can only go so far on your own… You fill out your Name, Address, and Phone Number but then you need to give the paperwork to a doctor to fill out and they won’t do that at County… I tried… With hundreds of people coming in each day to be seen by like 3 doctors at the “free clinic” they flat out told me that they didn’t have time to so much as sign the papers because they would need to do a full evaluation to make sure that I was not trying to scam anyone… They can’t just sign anything put in front of them…

Places I have gone to get help paying for my Prescriptions:
(Taking them right from my book marks list)

Free Discount Card –

Contact Info for Illinois:

Questionnaire to find eligible programs:

US Department of Health and Human Services –

Medicare’s Official Website:

Forum on applying for aid:

Sliding Scale Heath Care @ Howard Brown: (They tend to ignore email’s)

Illinois Cares Application:


Illinois Department of Public Aid:

Illinois RX Buying Club Application:

Merck Helps Those in Need:

Needy Med’s (Like

Wyeth Helps those in need:

Prescription Drugs through Canadian Pharm’s:
(I actually PAID them $10.00 as an application fee for my 2 drugs and never heard from them again…)

Access To Care Program:

Directory of Drug Assistance Programs:

Partnership for prescription assistance:

The list goes ON AND ON AND ON but most of the applications for anything but a free discount card are REQUIRED to be filled out by a doctor and I can’t get anyone to do it.



PLEASE help!

11:19 pm
January 25, 2007


New Member

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I hate to make this a separate post but I feel I need to be more direct in what I am asking…

I have been on these medications for over 2 years now but the doctor that prescribed them is NO LONGER MY DOCTOR and CAN NOT WRITE ME MORE PRESCRIPTION REFILLS!

I can get the money to PURCHASE the drugs together but can’t afford to both pay $300.00 for a doctors appointment AND pay the $300.00 for the pills…

I need to find a place that can look at my old prescription bottle from Cook County and the previous ones before that from my old doctor and say “OK, here is a prescription for a refill of the medications you are on.”

That is ALL I NEED…

I don’t need help PURCHASING THE PILLS this second…

I don’t want to leave the office with actual PILLS…

I need a slip of paper that I will take to Cost Co.’ s Pharmacy so that THEY can give me the pills in exchange for money…

It would be great to be able to both see a doctor AND get pills but that is not how my life works right this second… I am what they call the “Working Poor”.

I keep applying for various forms of aid but other then the Discount Cards that DO NOT REQUIRE a doctor to actually fill the forms out and sign them I am S.O.L. because I can’t afford to pay a doctor for the time it takes for him/her to fill out their name, address, phone number, fax number, and signature.

I’m not trying to be offensive to anyone…

I’m not trying to talk down to anyone…

But I DO want to make the information I am looking for Crystal Clear…


8:44 am
January 26, 2007


st regis falls, ny


posts 14

it does sound like you are talking down to us.

I understand what you are saying, but don't know the answer. And most of us here seem to think you CAN'T.

So, my question is, are you waiting/wanting for someone to tell you "yes, you can, so go"?

It doesn't seem like there is anyone who can tell you that for sure.

So, go, try, that's all I can say.

I know from my experience, that many hospitals I have used will not. Someone else said something to that affect and you argued the point with them.

I suppose every hospital has a different policy…and there is no way we can give you a definitive answer.

So, you have two choices it seems – try it, or just go sit at the clinic and wait it out.

I really don't think any of us have the answers you really want or need.

9:36 am
January 26, 2007




posts 40

How about calling the ER and asking?
Or, perhaps you could go to a mental health clinic at one of your local hospitals. I used to work at an inner city clinic in the Boston area that provided the services you are looking for. Often times the care is free, or on a sliding fee scale. There is an intake process you must go through, then you're assigned a a caseworker. You initially see a psychiatrist and then are assigned a therapist which is usually a LCSW, who works with the doc in prescribing meds. Also, if you can't afford the meds, they are pretty capable of finding resources to assist you.

On another note, my husband is a doctor and I picked his brain. He related that it is not proper protocol for an ER doc to see a patient solely for the purpose of prescribing meds. Your situation warrants a physician to follow along with your progress. When patients are taking meds- any meds, they must be seen for follow-up visits every three to six months

Best of luck.

9:48 am
January 26, 2007


New Member

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I have found that I will get what I need if my motive is pure and all I have to do is ask.

For instance, I had no insurance for about 6 months and was on medication. I sat down with the phone book and called a doctor's office and made an appointment. When they ask me if I had insurance I said "no" and told them I would be paying cash. They made me an appointment. When I got in to see the doctor, I explained to him my situation, I had money to pay for my medication, but would need to set up payment arangements with him and he said, that would be fine. Some, not all MDs have compassion for those of us that have been in this situation and will work with you.

Keep trying to find that MD that you can get into see, even if it takes a couple of trys.

The worst thing they can say is "no".

I have learned to ask for what I want and need without fear. Well,
most of the time without fear.


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