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Counter-dependency – The Flight from Intimacy


12:55 pm
August 13, 2005


New Member

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Here is more information on this book:

Read more!
about the book about the author sample excerpts or table of contents catalogue info

About the Book
This book expands the Weinholds' developmental approach to shifting consciousness and provides the complementary component needed to understand codepencency. This leading edge book is the first to describe and define counterdependency as a primary force that is inhibiting human evolution. It shows how counterdependency permeates our social, religious and political structures so deeply that it is virtually invisible.

The first half of the book focuses on the developmental causes of counterdependency and describes exactly what a child needs during between the ages of one and three years. When these needs are not met, people develop counterdependent behaviors that particularly cause difficulties in creating and sustaining intimate adult relationships. The last half of the book presents many case histories and experiential activities that show readers how to replace these behaviors with more effective ones. The book concludes with a chapter describing how Janae and Barry worked on their own counterdependent patterns.

"Counter-dependency is the untalked about polarity of co-dependency. One reason many severely do-dependent people go without treatment is the failure to focus on counter-dependency. Many lonely, agoraphobic, rebellious, sexually-addicted people are counter-dependent. Most of us who define ourselves as co-dependent, exhibit some counter-dependent behaviors.

We need this book to fill a gap in our understanding of co-dependency. The Weinholds are experts in this field. I recommend the Weinholds' work as having the highest integrity. This is a crucial addition to the literature on co-dependency."

John Bradshaw,
author of Homecoming
and host of the nationally televised PBS series.

Please visit the authors' web site at http://weinholds.org

I have been reading a bit on counter-dependency. Very interesting

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