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Effective Treatment Offerings

  • Professional Detox
  • Alcoholism Treatment
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Eating Disorders
  • 12 Step Programs
  • Sober Living
  • Alternative Treatment Methods

Meet the Staff

  • Brad Keith - CEO, C.C.D.C. and C.A.D.C.A. Recognizing both the importance and the lack of quality treatment across the country, Brad carefully crafted the genuine approach and quality of care Axis centers are known for. eg strive to be a solid platform and initiate a process to allow the alcoholic/addicts to live life and re-connect families that have been torn apart by alcoholism and addiction. Today, Brad is CEO and founder of Axis Residential Treatment.
  • Tiffany Henning - Director of Operations Tiffany Henning, Director of Operations, has worked for Axis Residential for the past 4 years running the daily operations of the business. She has received her AA degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and is continuing her education in the same field.
  • Theresa L. F. Smith - CADC I Theresa L. F. Smith, CADC I, has experience working with addicts/alcoholics and the dual diagnosed. Theresa works with client's individual needs and conducts groups at Axis Residential Treatment Center. Thirteen years at the Betty Ford Center she facilitated groups, Step work groups, and lectured. She is Grief Recovery Specialist with a private practice in Banning, California.
  • Ramesh Gune - Director of Human Resources Ramesh Gune, PhD in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Counseling, specializing in the Marriage Family. He conducts workshops and seminars to unravel mind-body connection in addressing addictions, depression, trauma, stress, anxiety, grief, loss and life issues.

About Axis Residential Treatment Centers:

Axis offers world-class, individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment plans. This means that no two clients will receive the same care plan. By utilizing leading-edge therapeutic treatments and evidence-based recovery practices, a unique and powerful plan for healing is created to address your unique needs.

For more than a decade the staff at Axis have been successfully treating drug and alcohol-addicted individuals, as well as those with a dual-diagnosis. Whether it's heroin addiction or alcoholism and an opiate prescription pill dependency, Axis has seen it all and been the necessary vehicle for change and support to enable those struggling with addiction to get on the path of long-term sobriety.

The Axis Philosophy

To truly embrace sobriety and transform one's life for good, the addict or alcoholic must be helped to re-imagine their possibilities and believe in the value of sobriety. Once the desire forms, the mindset changes to one of teach-ability. At this stage daily activities and techniques, that with time, become life-saving daily routines are introduced and become part of one's biology and personality. By building on this framework, the struggling addict or alcoholic changes into a man or woman with purpose; regaining their dignity, finding inner-strength, and the ingredients to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Facility Highlights

  • Individualized Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Plans No two patients will experience the same treatment plan at Axis. They don't believe in forcing your unique experience into a “cookie cutter's mold or treatment module. Instead, they work with you individually to come up with a treatment plan that will address your specific needs.
  • Add-On Addiction Treatment Options Available In addition to the psychotherapeutic treatment options and detox services included in the addiction treatment program, Axis also offers an extensive menu of add-on addiction treatment services. According to your preference, you may choose from options including hypnotherapy, acupuncture treatment, and other holistic services.
  • Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab at Axis Treatment Centers If you are diagnosed with a psychological, social, or behavioral disorder in addition to drug and/ or alcohol addiction, a Dual Diagnosis addiction treatment program is necessary to effectively treat those issues as well as addiction. Attempting to treat first one and then the other means that neither disorder is treated efficiently. At a Dual Diagnosis rehab program like the one at Axis provides proven methods of treatment administered by medical and psychiatric professionals who specialize in co-occurring disorders and treatment.
  • Highly Credentialed Treatment Specialists on Staff The combined years of education and experience among Axis staff members is incalculable, and dedication to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction has been a focus of their treatment team for more than a decade. Every patient who walks through the Axis doors will be able to cull from the knowledge and guidance provided by our well-educated staff in order to heal from drug addiction.


On my darkest day, when I begged God for help, I was released, and I was shown the love of my family, friends and a fellowship. I've been set back on my feet, on my axis, if you will, to begin again, the joyful task of living right. I've been taught surrender and tolerance and acceptance. I've been, for the first time in my life, pointed in the right direction, and now the journey really begins.


Axis house gave me the foundation to recreate my life. I never felt a sense of belonging but after living with fifteen other men it gave me that sense of community and camaraderie that had been missing from my life. For this experience I will be forever grateful.

-Josh L

Axis Sober Living was the ideal environment for me to begin this process of change. I am grateful and proud to say that after extensive group therapy and individual counseling at Axis I am truly a changed man.

-Sam D

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